How to cut down DEVELOPMENT cost by half and more

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How to cut down DEVELOPMENT cost by half and more

Many large companies, outsource their project based on man-hours mode. Most project over Upwork is billed based on hourly rate. The key reason is that the client hasn’t spent enough time or effort figuring out what they actually want to build. Thus, it makes sense that I.T. firms pursuing agile processes for development.

But the fixed-fee approach can open opportunities to control the costs and time.

Many IT leaders and clients reduce their IT outsourcing/development cost by proactively working on the following factors.

Draw Up Your Requirements

A clear idea of what your business requires and complete scope with all features in your SRS plays a pivotal role in decreasing the development cost. When you have a well-structured plan and designed navigational flow, developers can understand your requirement clearly and provide best outcomes. When you have a clear vision about your final outcome, you can always draw your expectation to a detailed SRS and plan.

The benefit of preparing SRS is that you can collectively include all possible aspects of development though there would be very rare possibility of changes and redevelopment.

Consider Alternative Tech Stack

If you need an app developed for Android and iOS both, you can go cross-platform development technology which is very cost effective compared to native development. Singal code running the app can be used to build multiple platforms. However, experienced developers are required here, because there is a high risk of legginess when the app is not coded well.

Focus on crucial features

It is always better to focus on most important features of our product. This is so because if any issues occur with that functionality or feature; Your most development time would be consumed there with less important features which might be skipped in the first version of development.

You can start with most crucial functionality then other features can be implemented in later versions. Going minimal viable product is the best idea rather than going full-featured product development. It can also create confusion on both sides. The cost will be reduced and you will have the opportunity to test your product with the market.

Go for AGILE

The Agile is an iterative, rapid application development approach. This means you can easily make the changes at any point.Following the Agile approach, small portions of the development are released the client can determine what works and what doesn’t immediately results in reduced time and development costs.

Agile Execution drastically minimizes the amount of rework that can be done at any point in the development process.

“Now, how negotiation will work here?” – Well, that’s another blog post for another time.

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